F.lli Capone
SINCE 1985

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.
Fresh Extra-Vergin Olive Oil deliverd to your front door.
What more could you wish for!

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Michele Capone
Rita Buonamassa


"We are proud owners of our oil factory.
We gained experience through trial and error and
failing at a lot of things has taught us how to succeed at them eventually...
We owe our success to our lovely family"

Where is it made?

Gravina in Puglia

Gravina is our home,and home to all our olives trees.
Our extra-virgin olive oil is 100% organic free of any plant medication,
this is not the only thing that makes it the best but also
giving the olives a peaceful process thanks to our team co-operation and hardwork.
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I have been buying F.lli Capone olive oil for some time now. The quality of their products is excellent and probablly one of the best from puglia for me, alse the service is good too. I am a loyal customer now.

Michael Loftipur

Great organic and very tasty products! The F.lli Capone Olive oil is a must try, it's been a great discovery for me and has been my favourite olive oil since I've tried it, highly recommend it. Fantastic service as well. Keep it up !

David Smyth

Wonderful products and fantastic customer service, i allways thought all olive oils are the same but now i know their not. Its incredible! Best small independent oilve oil company that I will certainly use again.

Laurenzia Garofono